IBENA Technodeco

Fabrics for the world's stages

Entertainment – no matter what kind - needs a grand, broad and wide setting. It takes special textiles for theaters and studios, for the world's stages and for trade fairs: fabrics that have to meet the most stringent safety standards als well as visual requirements. Our TECHNODECO fabrics are among the world's most popular special fabrics.

When it comes to quality, we make no compromise

The great asset of TECHNODECO fabrics is - safety: thanks to using only flame retardant materials and flame retardant finishing, they comply with all national and international fire protection standards, such as the German standard DIN 4102 B1 and the French M1 standard. A watertight system of internal and external quality controls ensures reliable, unvarying top quality.

Broad dimensions make all the difference.

Applications in the show business, they call for stylish looks and attraction: The perfect setting for our TECHNODECO fabrics with a unique, flowing structure. They radiate elegance. They dominate the stage by their extrabroad width! Small wonder that they are on top of the list for a wide range of applications on stage and movie sets, at fairs and sport events, world exhibitions and previews - since years, worldwide and at the highest level.

You take center stage!

With TECHNODECO you draw up your own program:

  • Innovative, tailor-made fabrics according to your specification?
  • As bales, rolls or pallets?
  • Same day shipment?

We take care.

From one-on-one contact and customized product development to the production in our own weaving mill and efficient in-house logistics we have only one goal in mind:

To provide the material for your success - get to know it!