Broad width fabric

Broad width fabric

Broad width fabric from IBENA

The natural, free fall of fabric is not only optically optimal in many areas of application, but also in terms of costs, because every seam is not only a source of potential errors and creases, but also costs time and material.

»Flame retardant«

Wide fabrics are used in public and must therefore be flame-retardant tested in accordance with DIN 4102 B1 and DIN EN 13501-1. The properties of a substance or fabric are not sufficient per se, but the flame retardancy of the textile must be expressly proven by means of a certificate issued by an accredited testing institute.

"IBENA is one of only a handful of companies in Europe that can actually rough over 400cm wide"

As beautiful as seamless wide fabrics are, their production requires a correspondingly wide range of machinery. Widths between 300 and 1000cm must first be able to be traded in production and warehouse.

IBENA is actually one of only 5 companies in Europe that can roughen wider than 400cm. That is why IBENA TECHNODECO almost exclusively offers fabric widths between 300 cm and 1000 cm.

Andere Anwenungsbereiche

Of course, in the fire brigade, police and motor sport, where the fabric regularly represents a protective barrier between people and fire, there are also completely different requirements and standards in which our IBENA PROTECT division specializes. (