Tents / Objects

Certified fabrics for interior design of tents

Fabrics for the interior design of event tents or VIP tents, grandstand roofs, covering of ceilings or textile skies are an eye-catcher thanks to the natural flow of the material. Seams are not wanted and would disturb the visual impression of the soft ambiance. Tent interior decoration textiles by IBENA TECHNODECO are offered in extreme widths to enable almost seamless production.

By using permanent flame-retardant fibers (e.g. Trevira CS®) or other flame-retardant finishes the German standard B1 as well as international fire protection standards, such as the French M1 or the American NFPA are met. It is important that these flame-retardant properties remain after laundry and that the textiles can be cleaned and reused frequently.