Theatre / Opera

Textiles for theaters and studios

The Metropolitan Opera of Arts in New York, the Royal Opera in London, “L’Opera” in Paris – these are only a few of many renowned theaters, stages and opera houses that use our products.

  • Textiles for theatre curtains
  • Background textiles for stage settings
  • Textile for covering of ceilings
  • Horizon textiles
  • Textile wall coverings

Stage settings and scenery in theaters have to be shifted often, and must be easy to handle. Textiles are the perfect choice, but it is not only a matter of visual appearance but of safety as well. Different international standards like the American NFPA, the German DIN 4102 B1, the French M1 or the European EN13501 and EN13773 have to be met, and not every fabric is permitted for use.

All test certificates for IBENA products are not restricted to only the usual German standard DIN 4102 B1, but comply with a variety of international standards.