Exhibition / Event

Textiles for events and exhibition booth construction

Textile materials for exhibition booth constructions are increasingly popular, due to their easy handling and great flexibility. They can be used as wall covering, as textile booth partition, as covering of ceilings or as fashionable advertising surface with custom-made printing (ref. IBENA digital printing fabrics) – IBENA textiles create atmosphere.

Düsseldorf, Frankfort, Hanover, Munich, Amsterdam, Florence, Paris, Las Vegas or New York: all major exhibition sites have been using IBENA textiles for years. IBENA supplied countless miles of textiles for the Olymic games in London. IBENA TECHNODECO textiles were also used in large volumes for the Radio Fair in Berlin, the automotive IAA in Frankfurt or the European Championship 2016 in France.

All fabrics are either treated with flame-retardant chemicals or are made of permanent flame resistant fibres and have all the proper certifications. IBENA supplies tailor-made textiles for exhibition stand constructors as well wholesalers, as per customer specification or desired colour.